BJP moved towards Chhattisgarhi issue read raipur column anderkhane

Mrigendra Pandey. Raipur Column Anderkhane: The BJP recently organized a Chintan Shivir in Bastar. Selected leaders from across the country were invited to it. But only those leaders were invited from the state, who have the image of typical Chhattisgarhiya. The challenge to the BJP, which is roaming around as a party of Seth moneylenders, is now from the CM who awakens the identity of Chhattisgarh. In such a situation, now BJP is bringing those leaders who are the cut of Chhattisgarhi card of Congress.

A decade later, a senior tribal leader has a smile on his face after a party event. Netaji was dancing with drums and drums. It has been indicated from the Delhi Durbar that those leaders should be put forward, who can keep the Chhattisgarhi card firmly in favor of the party. Let’s see what happens next in the organization.

Congress MLAs looking for the court

The most worried are the MLAs amidst the turmoil within the Congress. Actually, the crisis has arisen in front of them, which door they should knock on. Some MLAs in both the camps have come out in the open. But there is a problem for those MLAs, who have not been able to show their allegiance in favor of any one. Meanwhile, fencing continues from both the camps.

Like a chess horse, in two and a half house moves, the legislators should not be disturbed, so everyone is playing a safe game. The discussion is that consent letters have also been taken from some MLAs. But it has been the tradition of Congress that MLAs stay with the high command. The loss of following a leader can fall on the B form available at the time of elections. This is what the leaders consider the strength of the high command.

Political meaning of knock in ministry

A minister was very active in the past. Review each of your departments. The most shocking thing was that the minister reached Mahanadi Bhawan properly. In the last one-and-a-half years, no minister has even stepped in here. Now when the minister reached the ministry, the jokes started. The officials also started asking people close to the minister whether the power zone is going to change.

In the loopline, an officer breaking the chair in Mantralaya called up a close friend of the minister and made his recommendation. Netaji is also a spot on answer. Said sternly – Not now. Wait a few days. Will definitely think about you. A Netaji sitting next to him asked – what is going to change in a few days. Netaji said – Change or not change, your inquiry has increased, has it not? Just enjoy it.

who will eat the cream of ration shop

The government has decided to open a new ration shop, limiting the number of ration cards. Applications are being invited now. But some broker type people have started eating cream in the name of setting. The PA of a minister has even started talking to the applicants on the basis of the mobile number entered in the application. PA sahib has also given the responsibility to some officers that they also bring clients and take their commission.

If everything goes on according to the broker-type leaders, then there will be a game of lakhs of rupees in the allocation of ration shop itself. The intention with which the government has decided to increase the shop will end, the hope of a reasonable person applying for a shop in search of employment will also die.

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