bjp in west bengal: Bhabanipur Bypoll: ‘After Nandigram will defeat Mamata Banerjee in Bhawanipur too…’

Priyanka Tibriwal, who is contesting on BJP ticket against Mamta Banerjee in Bhawanipur seat of West Bengal, has started campaigning. Priyanka said that TMC and Mamta Banerjee are snatching the right to live from the people here and I am fighting this fight for the people of West Bengal.

Priyanka Tibriwal, who is starting the election campaign by making lotus marks on the walls, said, ‘I will file my nomination. The people of West Bengal have a right to live. These rights are being snatched away by TMC people and Mamata Banerjee is standing behind them, so my fight is against them. I am fighting for the people of Bengal. Mamata Banerjee filed her nomination from Bhawanipur constituency on Friday.

West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh said, ‘Mamata Banerjee had contested the assembly elections from Nandigram. She thought she would win but she lost. No one can tell when it will happen in politics. Priyanka Tibriwal has fought for justice against the post-poll violence here. We have defeated Mamata Banerjee once from Nandigram and now again we will fight her with full force.

Taking a jibe at Mamata Banerjee’s ‘Bangla Niger Meyakei Chhaye’ (Bengal wants its daughter) campaign, Priyanka has started chanting Bhabanipur Niger Meyakei Chhaye. Priyanka Tibriwal said, ‘The candidate (Mamata Banerjee) who is in front of me has lost the election, so by-elections are being held in Bhawanipur. They (TMC) have already won Bhawanipur but they are not worried about democracy or people.

After losing the election to Suvendu Adhikari in Nandigram, Mamta is standing in the by-election from Bhawanipur. This election is very important for Mamata as she must be a member of the Legislative Assembly to continue as the Chief Minister. By-elections will be held in Bhawanipur as well as Samserganj and Jangipur constituencies on 30 September. Counting of votes will take place on October 3. Congress has done a walkover on this seat. At the same time, this election has become a nose fight between BJP and TMC.

Dilip Ghosh and Priyanka

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