Bjgtjme: the YouTube channel that offers totally free movies


Are you looking for streaming platforms where you don’t have to pay and have 100% legal content? You came to the right place. We tell you how Bjgtjme worked.

The channel has more than 260 thousand subscribers.
© YoutubeThe channel has more than 260 thousand subscribers.

With so many platforms streaming available as Netflix, hbo max, Amazon Prime Video either Star+ and Disney+, it is difficult to be able to access all of them since they imply an important economic effort. Many times, users tend to prioritize some of these services according to the comfort of their interface and also the depth of their catalogs. Then, they choose to watch movies and series in a traditional way, through television or they look for other ways on the internet.

If what you are looking for is a legal streaming platform for which you do not have to pay anything, you are in the right place. Youtube has access to a channel called bjtjme which you can access completely free of charge, with varied titles, most of which are in Spanish. Currently, the channel has a total of 262 thousand subscribers who are attentive to the titles that add up.

According to the official description of bjtjmethe channel “offers a library of 400 movie titles across all genres”. Although there are currently 123 videos, this has to do with the fact that the catalog is constantly renewed according to the distribution rights they obtain. On the site they explain that “All movies published by us are legally licensed. We have acquired the rights (at least for specific territories) from the rights holders by written contract.”.

Although it is a free service, bjtjme offers the possibility of paying a membership to help the channel grow. Currently you can see movies like Thesis on a homicidestarring Ricardo Darin, and they also have playlists distributed by genre. The movie that has the most views on the entire platform is Charlotte’s diarywhich has already exceeded 6 million views.

+ Pluto TV, the other great free platform

If we talk about bjtjmeit is impossible not to mention one of the platforms of streaming most important free today. Is about pluto tva service founded in 2013 that in 2019 was acquired by Paramount Global and offers access to different channels that broadcast varied content 24 hours a day, ranging from anime to classic movies or iconic television series.

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