Bjarne Mädel in top form: Don’t miss the wacky “How To Sell Drugs” movie “Buba”

Buba is back with his very own Netflix film. You can read here why you shouldn’t miss this curious “fairy tale”.

Until a possible fourth season of the popular Netflix series “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” reaches us, patience is definitely required. But one of the most tragic-comic series characters is already back with his own film. After all, Buba (Bjarne Mädel) has already had an eventful life, and the “Netflix fairy tale” of the same name tells about it from now on.

Favorite feature-length series: “Buba” is now streaming on Netflix

Since the beginning of the year, “Buba” has been considered one of the hottest Netflix originals to be released in 2022. Now the wait is over because now you can get the popcorn ready, curl up on the sofa, and watch Buba’s wacky backstory on Netflix.

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Crazier than ever: That’s why you can’t miss “Buba”.

Before he became Buba, who we met and loved in How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast), he was just Jakob Otto. A fairly ordinary man at first glance, but he has a big problem: when things get too good for him, terrible things and catastrophes happen. Therefore he tries to keep his life in balance by sabotaging his everyday life and making his existence as uncomfortable and difficult as possible. The first trailer shows you the quirky way in which he does it:

Hard to believe, but true: it gets worse! Because when Jakob Otto falls in love, his life really gets out of hand. The first encounter with Moritz (Maximilian Mundt) and his friends is not far away and we already know how this encounter ends…

Anyone who already liked the twisted petty criminal in “How To Sell Drugs” will really get their money’s worth with the film about Buba’s background. But even Bjarne Mädel fans without any prior knowledge of the series should not miss “Buba”. We can expect a lot of comedy and bizarre situations again. It’s worth tuning in: “Buba” is now on Netflix!

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