Bizarre living almost killed the British woman: She ended up in the hospital because of her farts!

The woman, who earned her money by selling farts (Aha! Informed), was hospitalized with the onset of a heart attack. Yes, you read that right, the star of the British reality show 90 Days to the Wedding made good money until last week, when she was selling her farts in glass jars.

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Stephanie Matto (31), who, thanks to her “fucking” project, lost up to 37,000 pounds (1,073,000 crowns) a week, will have to take a break. She ended up in the emergency room during the week after feeling a shooting pain in her chest. Steph shared her experience with her fans: “I thought these were my last moments. I started overdoing it. ”She started selling her farts last November, and to keep pace with the demand that pushed her up to 50 glasses a week, the“ farting businesswoman ”decided on a bean and egg diet that almost cost her her life.

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