Bizarrap joins Duki for his Session #50: Release date and time

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Great expectation is causing the release of a new song by bizarreafter it was confirmed that the artist with whom he will collaborate is none other than Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo Quiroga, better known as Duki, his Argentine compatriot.

The DJ and producer had recently pointed out that “the 50th session was going to be special” and quickly the fans began to speculate about who would be the artist who will accompany him in this new installment. Although names like Bad Bunny and Rosalía slipped, Duki was finally chosen.

When and what time is the premiere?

The official name of the song that will unite one of the most popular producers of recent times with the Argentine trapper is “BZRP Music Session #50″. This will be released on November 16 at 9:00 p.m. in Argentina (7:00 p.m. Peruvian time).

Who is Dukey?

Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo, better known as Duki, is a 26-year-old Argentine rapper who has been a hit in recent months thanks to the success of his songs like “La vuelta” or “Antes que perderte”.

He has more than 6 million followers on YouTube and his latest song entitled ‘Givenchy’ already has a total number of 88 million views, making it one of the most viewed videos on this platform.

It should be noted that this is not the first collaboration between Duki and Bizarrap. The music producer had already collaborated on a song by the so-called ‘King of trap’ in 2001, a song that bears the name “Malbec” and which to date has accumulated 68 million views on YouTube.


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