Bitz sued for DKK 40 million: Now he has to go to court

The case between Christian Bitz and ceramicist Kasper Würtz is definitely not over.

On Monday, the case regarding the amount of compensation from Bitz to Würtz starts at the Maritime and Commercial Court.

Here the court must find out exactly how large an amount the ceramist must receive from Christian Bitz, after the court initially concluded that F&H, which is behind Christian Bitz, has copied goods from the ceramist.

Kasper Würtz has received the court’s word that Bitz and F&H have infringed his copyright when they launched a stoneware dinnerware in 2016.

This has been established first by the Maritime and Commercial Court, and then by the Eastern High Court.

There are four products.

The court must now decide on the compensation claim of 40 million from Kasper Würtz.

Kasper Würtz and the ceramics company KH Würtz recently won a highly publicized copyright lawsuit against TV celebrity Christian Bitz. Now the court must look at the compensation claim. (Photo: Mads Dalegaard/Ritzau Scanpix)
Photo: Mads Dalegaard

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Würtz’s lawyer, Johan Løje, tells Viborg Folkebladhow they arrived at the amount.

“This is what we arrive at on the basis of the figures we have provided about the turnover Bitz has had on the products in question. There are several elements to it. The rules apply that you can get compensation if you have suffered a loss, but in addition, the EU has laid down rules that the profit or gain that the defendant has had must also be taken into account,’ says the lawyer .

“We know that the earnings are at least DKK 30 million, maybe higher. Finally, an appraiser has assessed what it will cost Kasper Würtz to restore his reputation after the case. He assumes it will cost DKK 15 million over three years. That is the reason for the amount.’

Three days have been set aside this week for questioning parties in the case.

Next week there will be proceedings from the lawyers, but a decision will not be made until January 28, as the Maritime and Commercial Court has two months to assess the case.

Christian Bitz also has a counterclaim to the ceramist.

Christian Bitz also has a counterclaim to the ceramist.
Photo: Malene Anthony Nielsen

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However, the court must also decide on the counterclaim that has come from Christian Bitz.

According to Johan Løje, Bitz believes that Kasper Würtz has damaged his reputation in the program ‘Kontant’, in which Würtz takes part.

According to Bitz, this has led to a loss of three million kroner, which they want the right to decide on.

The feud between the two parties has lasted for six years, with the two now going through their third and probably last trial.

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