Biografilm Festival 2022: Invitation to travel – Concert for Franco Battiato premiered on 18 June

The film event on the tribute concert for the Maestro at the Verona Arena, Invito al viaggio – Concerto for Franco Battiato, directed by Pepsy Romanoff and produced by International Music & Arts and Except, will be presented in Italian preview on Saturday 18 June at the Cinema Jolly in Bologna as part of the Biografilm Festival 2022.

Invitation to travel – Concert for Franco Battiatofilm event on the concert dedicated to the Maestro held at the Verona Arena on 21 September 2021, directed by Pepsy Romanoff and produced by International Music & Arts and Except, will be screened in Italian preview to the Biografilm Festival 2022, the international film festival entirely dedicated to biographies and life stories, on Saturday 18 June at 20:00 at the Cinema Jolly in Bologna. The film event will then arrive in Italian cinemas only on 20, 21 and 22 June distributed by Adler Entertainment.

Invitation to travel poster – Concert for Franco Battiato

From the sold out Arena di Verona, Invito al viaggio – Concert for Franco Battiato arrives on the big screen, the concert where the greatest artists of Italian music paid tribute to the singer-songwriter from Catania who died on May 18 last year. Fifty artists took turns on the prestigious Verona stage to interpret over 40 pieces by the Maestro, redesigning an unforgettable tribute to one of the greatest Italian musicians of all time for many voices: an artist who was able to be both innovative and traditional, cultured and popular. , making entire generations dance and reflect, always the bearer of a unique eclecticism, able to wisely mix cultured and electronic music, avant-garde and literature, pop research and extraordinary poetry.

Starting with one of his most loved and popular albums, The master’s voice, released forty years ago, “Invito al viaggio” sees on the stage an orchestra formed by the Filarmonica dell’Opera Italiana Bruno Bartoletti, with Carlo Guaitoli conducting the orchestra and piano, together with the musicians who accompanied Battiato on his last tour : Angelo Privitera on keyboards and programming, Osvaldo Di Dio and Antonello D’Urso on guitars, Andrea Torresani on bass and Giordano Colombo on drums. The event was organized by the artistic directors Francesco Cattini, Stefano Senardi, Pino “Pinaxa” Pischetola, Carlo Guaitoli and with the executive production of the video footage by Maurizio Vassallo.

Alice, Arisa, Enzo Avitabile, Mario Incudine, Baustelle, Sonia Bergamasco, Cristina Baggio, Bluvertigo, Angelo Branduardi, Vasco Brondi, Giovanni Caccamo, Roberto Cacciapaglia, luri Camisasca, Nabil Bey, Carlo Boccadoro, Vinicio Capossela, Giovannangelo De perform on stage Gennaro, Alberto De Grandis, Raffaele Tiseo, Vincenzo Vasi, Carmen Consoli, Simone Cristicchi, New Italian Quartet, Colapesce DiMartino, Diodato, Paolo Buonvino, Emma, ​​Extraliscio, Roberto Molinelli, Eugenio Finardi, Max Gazzè, Carlo Guaitoli, Jovanotti, Saturnino, Luca Madonia, Mahmood, Fiorella Mannoia, Gianni Maroccolo, Andrea Chimenti, Antonio Aiazzi, Beppe Brotto, Gianni Morandi, Morgan, Fabio Cinti, Gianna Nannini, Mary Montesano, Vera Quarleri, Cristina Scabbia, Davide Ferrario, Chicco Gussoni, Subsonica, Paola Turci and Danilo Rossi.

In a sold out Arena in Verona, an exciting concert where the greatest artists of Italian music pay homage to Franco Battiato, interpreting his most successful songs. An artistic legacy with few comparisons in Italy, respecting the original scores and above all the spirit that has always animated the research of the musician from Catania. An uninterrupted flow of timeless songs, now entered into the DNA of all of us, able to cross the decades with the gift of continuous relaunch, in an evening-event that turns into a great embrace supported by the expressive power of a vast and amazing, between joy and melancholy, irony and rigor, flights and descents.

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