Bills, the mockery of the enlarged social bonus: the discount announced by Draghi in March still does not exist. 1.2 million families are waiting

The months pass, the cold begins to make itself felt, the bills weigh like a boulder on household budgets. But the social bonus for electricity and gasa discount intended for low-income householdsremains a mirage for over 1 million of new potential beneficiaries with a Isee more than 8 thousand euros but less than 12 thousand. Who, in theory, has been given this shot in the arm since last April. Many are starting to think that the announcement made by the former prime minister Mario Draghi after the CDM of last March 18 – “Let’s increase from 4 to 5.2 million the number of families protected from increasesthat they will pay for energy like last summer” – will remain so. This is not the case, insiders assure: the amount due will arrive between December and January, with the arrears. Too bad i times delivery rates aren’t exactly a factor irrelevant for those struggling to make ends meet.

“It is clear that those who have thought of these reliefs do not have economic problems”, he comments Emiliano Piccioniwife and two dependent children, now in cig at zero hours and struggling since last spring with electricity bills from 3-400 euros per two months. “He doesn’t realize that families with this Isee (his is under 10 thousand eurosed) cannot afford to give months of credit to the state or energy supplier companies. Otherwise he would have realized the vital need for streamline And speed up the procedure”. Piccioni saves himself thanks to social housing for which he pays no rent, but “going over two years from a range of 60-80 euros per month (depending on the period) to 160-200 euros means going red whenever there is an extra expense. Like in September when we had to buy books and dictionaries for my daughter starting high school. Tap to tighten the belt also on food. And it’s even more unbearable when you know that you have been owed by law important reliefs for months that are unjustifiable bureaucratic delays they are not deducted from you yet”.

That of the enlarged social bonus is in fact a story of ordinary Italian bureaucracy. And poorly written laws. The executive had moved in time: after having (starting from the end of 2021) enhanced the concessions for those who already received them with additional resources, three weeks after theRussian invasion of Ukraine the government Dragons had in fact raised from 8.265 to 12 thousand euros the Isee threshold below which the aid is due. There is talk of important resources: 2.4 billion have been allocated for the October-December quarter and the energy authority Arera set the bonus, for a family of four, a 321 euros for electricity and up to 1,430 euros for gas (the figure in this case depends on the climatic zone of residence). Too bad that the standard lacked a series of details without which Arera had made it known that he could not establish how to apply the provision. Fast forward: in May the government included the longed-for clarifications in another decree. During the conversion of the text, which arrived in mid-July, it was arranged that those entitled to the bonus would be paid with retroactive effect since January, as requested by Arera. Which at the beginning of August was finally able to publish the decides for the implementation of the March decree.

So the wait is over? Of course not: the calculation of the due figures takes time, as does the transfer of information fromInps – which collects the substitute declarations necessary to obtain the ISEE – ai providers of energy and gas through the Integrated information system handled by Single buyerthe public company which is also entrusted with the supply of energy to customers under the regime Greater protection. And in fact, the resolution states that the recognition of the new bonuses will take place “from October 2022” and that for the substitutive declarations presented up to September, the integrated system “concludes the activities for which it is responsible by the month of November 2022”. So it was: on 11 October, Acquirente Unico published the operating procedure for activating the bonuses. Now here we are: in the next useful bill, those who are entitled to it will find the relief. No delay, assure all the entities involved. If anything, there was a communication problem: it shouldn’t have been given the impression that the compensations would arrive immediately.

The taxpayers who have remained in limbo so far obviously see it differently: they have been waiting for eight months, months during which, as we know, the price of gas has skyrocketed to exceed 300 euros per megawatt hour on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange making bills fly. A joke to which is added another problem: to get the bonus you don’t need to apply, but you have to present the DSU to INPS. Lots of potential beneficiaries they are unaware of this opportunity. The result is that, second The sun 24 hours, “half of the resources allocated have not yet been exploited”. A big saving for the public coffers, at the expense of those who struggle to keep up with the expenses. According to rumors, the new government is studying a mechanism to make the disbursement automatic. Meanwhile, time passes.

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