Bilaspur News A victory procession will be held for the newly elected office bearers of the district auto union

Bilaspur. Bilaspur News: The newly elected office bearers and supporters of District Auto Association will celebrate their victory on Sunday. From 9 o’clock in the morning, the process of arrival of officials and auto drivers has started. Officials and supporters are seen in enthusiasm. A victory procession will take out from railway station gate number one. The effect of the instructions of the Kovid-19 protocol is also visible in the supporters joining the procession. The face is covered with a mask.

Votes were cast for District Auto Association in Triveni Bhawan Complex. The timing for this was fixed from eight in the morning to four in the evening. The counting of votes was done half an hour after the polling. The counting of votes continued till late night. The election results were announced at 12 pm. Election Officer Abhayanarayan Rai announced the names of the winning candidates. Ajay Panikar, Vice President Purshott Tandon, Secretary Jarad Velhaltrain, Co-Secretary Jitendra Khande, Treasurer Mohammad Yacob won the election for the post of President.

Due to security reasons, the district administration had banned the victory procession after the announcement of the election results. Apart from the corona infection, the rivalry also comes to the fore after the election results. In view of this, the winning candidates and supporters were sent directly to their respective homes after the announcement of the election results. Now the election season has come to an end and the time has also passed, so the district administration has given permission to the winning candidates to take out a procession.

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The officials and supporters involved in the winning procession will have to follow the Kovid-19 protocol. The face must be covered with a mask. The rules of physical distance will also have to be followed. Sanitizer will also have to be kept.

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