Bilaspur Crime News Drank cough syrup for intoxication one dead two serious

Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: In village Bartori of Bilha block, the condition of two youths who drank cough syrup for intoxication became critical. A young man died in Sims during treatment on Saturday morning. At the same time, the condition of Jholachap and another youth remains critical. Cholram Kaushik, 39, a resident of Bartori, operates a medical shop.

On Friday evening, Khagesh Kaushik (24), who runs a photo studio in the village, reached him. Kishan Parkar (22) was also with him. Jholachap Cholram told the two youths that he had a cough syrup, which was very intoxicating by drinking. Hearing this, both the youths agreed to drink cough syrup. After this, all three drank 100-100 ml of two cough syrups equally divided. This got him very intoxicated.

After that all three went to their respective homes. After some time the condition of both the youths started deteriorating. Then he informed the family members about drinking cough syrup. In the midst of this, his health also started deteriorating. Late in the night, all three were admitted to the Sims. On Saturday morning, Khagesh Kaushik died during treatment. At the same time, the condition of Jholachap Cholram and Kishan remains critical. The matter has been given to the police.

name of syrup not revealed

The police is investigating the matter. But it is not yet known which cough syrup the three had consumed. Police is probing the matter from where the cough syrup was supplied.

Nine people died in Dhuma

During the lockdown in village Dhuma, the youths of the village drank syrup at the behest of a homeopathic doctor. The doctor had told him that drinking homeopathy syrup is an intoxication like alcohol. Nine youths were killed after this.

Drug addicts used to cheat

The relatives of the deceased and ailing youth told in Sims that under the guise of a medical shop, the quacks used to sell drugs. The matter has been given to the police. Police is probing it.

A youth has been reported to have died after drinking cough syrup. Two youths had consumed the drug along with the quacks. The matter is under investigation.

Dr. Pramod Mahajan, CMHO

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