Bil Araújo and Erika Schneider end their relationship, says columnist

Since the end of the reality show “The Farm 13“, the former pawns Bil Araújo and Erika Schneider were living a relationship, however, everything indicates that love has come to an end. The two had made their relationship official in April this year.

According to Leo Dias dometropolises“, Bil and Erika were living constant fights, which ended up causing an emotional wear on both parties, which resulted in the end of the relationship. The two were also no longer in the same harmony and so, they decided to go their separate ways.

According to vehicle sources, it is guaranteed that there is no chance of reconciliation between the digital influencer and the dancer. Even with all this, the breakup was amicable, deciding to live only as colleagues.

Both Bil and Erika have yet to comment on their social networks about the end of their relationship. The relationship lasted about seven months and was very well regarded by fans of the duo and artists alike.

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