Bikini, pool and heat: the best vacation photos of Lali González de "The 1-5 / 18" In Paraguay

Since she began “The 1-5 / 18”, Lali González appeared as the big reveal within the cast. The Paraguayan actress had her first role on Argentine television and did not miss it as she captivated viewers of the Polka production. However, the great job challenge marked a distance from his family and his homeland.

As a result of the proposal received, González had to leave Paraguay and separate for a time from her husband. After much waiting, he was finally able to travel to his country and shared it on his social networks. Many colleagues from the strip of El Trece were happy for the trip he made, they even asked him to take them, as Angela Leiva.

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Through a post on her Instagram account, the actress showed that she was visiting Paraguari, the department where she grew up. “Postcards of love. Home sweet home”he wrote alongside a series of photos and videos.

Pool jumps, portraits of her daughter with her husband, bikini selfies and landscape photos were some of the content he chose to upload. The affection generated by the character of Rita on “The 1-5 / 18” made it one of the most loved by the public, something that allowed him to gain many followers on his profiles.

Long ago, she had explained that she missed her family very much and thanked her husband for waiting for her while she worked. The success of the El Trece strip means that there is little time for Lali González escapes to his homeland, in addition to the obvious distances. Meanwhile, he is consolidated as one of the figures of the year on television.

Some of the images that Lali González shared on her Instagram account.

Lali González enjoys her vacation in Paraguay.

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