bihar today latest news update: former jdu mla rambalak singh profile – samastipur court found rambalak singh guilty after 21 years in cpm leader attack case Found guilty


  • Rambalak Singh, Lalbabu Singh fired on Lalan Singh while returning after having dinner.
  • The doctors of Lalan Singh, who were injured in the incident, had to amputate four fingers.
  • Samastipur court convicted former JDU MLA in 21 year old case

Sanjeev Tarun, Samastipur
On June 6, 2000, the procession of Ganga Singh’s daughter was about to arrive in Shivnathpur village of Vibhutipur police station area, people were going to eat the banquet. In the meantime, Rambalak Singh, Lalbabu Singh, both brothers were waiting for him, with the intention of killing Lalan Singh, the CPM leader who was returning after having dinner. Lalan Singh was returning home after having dinner, during which time Rambalak Singh stopped him and ordered his brother Lalbabu Singh to shoot. Lalbabu Singh started firing on Lalan Singh. Meanwhile, Lalan Singh tried to stop him with his right hand. During this, four fingers of his right hand got hit by the bullet.

All four fingers of Lalan Singh’s right hand had to be amputated.
Hearing the sound of gunshots, people ran towards the spot. In a hurry, people picked up the blood-soaked Lalan Singh and took him to the primary health center Vibhutipur. From where the doctors referred Lalan Singh to Sadar Hospital for treatment, where seeing the condition critical, the doctors referred him to PMCH. In PMCH, all four fingers of Lalan Singh’s right hand had to be amputated.

Rambalak Singh was the head of the panchayat at the time of the incident.
The year when the incident took place, former MLA Rambalak Singh was the head of Shivnathpur Panchayat. While Lalan Singh was the head candidate, there was a feud between the two over the Panchayat elections. Both are from the same village.

The journey of the assembly started from LJP
After the incident, Lalan Singh named accused Rambalak Singh and his younger brother Master Lal Babu Singh as the nominated accused. The case continued in the court. In the year 2005, for the first time, accused Rambalak Singh was made its candidate by LJP from Vibhutipur assembly constituency. He won. After this, in the year 2010, he became an MLA by candidature from JDU. In 2015, Rambalak Singh again became an MLA on a grand alliance ticket.

Rambalak Singh’s stature increased in politics with the case
The case against Rambalak Singh was also going on in the court, so here his stature was also increasing. During the days of the incident, CPM MLA Ramdev Verma had even staged a sit-in protest against the incident. In 2020, Rambalak Singh had to face defeat from CPM MLA Ajay Kumar. After this, JDU appointed Rambalak Singh as the party general secretary.

Court will sentence Rambalak on September 13
However, on September 10, 2021, during the hearing of the Lalan Singh case, the judge has fixed the date of sentencing on September 13, holding former MLA Rambalak Singh and his brother Lalbabu Singh guilty. The former MLA and his brother have been taken into custody by the police and sent to jail. Let us inform that in the Panchayat elections, MLA Rambalak Singh has decided his wife’s candidature for the post of Mukhiya.

Firing took place while returning after eating banquet, four fingers of Lalan Singh had to be amputated, full story of 21 year old case of former JDU MLA

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