bihar: student of yoga class of rn college hajipur alleges molesting staff wrote letter to principal


  • The student wrote a letter to the principal – I am worried about molesting, afraid to come to college
  • Student of yoga class in RN College accuses college staff of molesting
  • After yoga class, the staff used to offer party to the girl student
  • The college suspended the accused staff for a month, investigation started

Chandramani Kumar, Hajipur
A student of Yoga class in Hajipur, Bihar wrote a letter to the principal and complained. In her complaint letter, the student of PG Yoga has written alleging- “The staff of the college molests the college. It scares me to come to the college.” On the complaint of the student, the principal of the college has started the investigation.

This shameful case has come to the fore from RN College, Hajipur. A student of the college’s yoga class has made these serious allegations against a staff of the college itself. In the complaint, the student said that a mischievous staff of the college harassed her in and outside the college. The student told that the college staff offers party after class to her and other girl students.

Two teams formed to investigate the allegations
After the shameful incident with the student, the students of the college together wrote a collective letter to the principal and told the exploits of the accused staff in the letter. After the allegations came to light, the principal handed over the suspension order to the accused staff and has formed two separate teams of the college to investigate the allegations of molestation.

accused staff suspended for one month
RN College principal Ravi Kumar Sinha said that the student has made serious allegations against the staff. Two separate teams have been formed to probe the allegations. The accused staff has been suspended from the college for a month so as not to affect the investigation in any way. After investigation, if the allegations are proved to be true, then further action will be taken.

Students creating ruckus outside college

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