bihar news: nitish janta darbar security personnel started hanging the complainant in front of cm


  • Janata Darbar of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar
  • Security personnel started hanging the complainant in front of CM
  • Nitish Kumar asked to release the complainant
  • The complainant had brought a complaint related to the education department

The security personnel started hanging the complainant in front of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Then Nitish Kumar intervened and asked him to leave. The complainant had reached CM Nitish with a complaint of huge disturbances in the education department.

The security guards started hanging the complainant
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar interacts with the complainants in the Janata Darbar. There are complaints related to the administration. People want to tell their problems directly to the CM. The complainers feel that Nitish Kumar should solve their problem. Not possible every time. When one such case reached the CM, he sent it to the officials associated with the education department. But the complainant was seeking the intervention of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. After this, when he started speaking loudly, the security personnel started hanging him in front of Nitish Kumar. After this, the CM ordered the security person to be released.

CM Nitish said – leave
The complainant told Chief Minister Nitish Kumar that there is a huge disturbance in the education department. Complaints of rigging are being made continuously in the examination but no action is being taken. Look at it from your own level. The complainant stuck to his insistence. He stood in front of CM Nitish and kept speaking his words. During this, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also got a little angry. Then the security personnel put their hands in the waist and started removing the complainant. Seeing this, CM Nitish said that leave. Then it was sent to the education department.

Sir! Employee is asking for money…
At the same time, a victim complained to CM Nitish that his son and daughter had died due to drowning in water. Money also came for compensation but the office staff demanded one lakh rupees. On hearing this complaint, CM Nitish was furious. He immediately said that a case would be registered against the person who demanded the money. The Chief Minister immediately called the Secretary of the Disaster Management Department and ordered to register a case against whoever demanded the money after taking full information.

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