Bihar News: bihar young man married with kinnar in siwan

Deenbandhu Singh, Siwan
When she fell in love with the eunuch, the young man married and made her a life partner. The matter is of Langadpura village of Marwa police station. Vikas Rajbhar of this village has married Kinnar. Actually, the eunuch whom she has married is also Ritesh God, a resident of this village. Ritesh works in a dance group of Mirganj in Gopalganj district.

It is being told that Vikas married Ritesh in Mirganj itself. The video of this wedding is becoming very viral on social media. It is clearly visible in the video that the wedding is taking place with full rituals. In which fellow eunuchs are also present.

In Marwa, both used to work together, love flourished here
Vikas and Ritesh both belong to the same village. Earlier in Marwa, both used to do business by putting handcarts around. From here, love blossomed between the two. After some time Ritesh went to a dance group in Mirganj. After this, Vikas too did not feel alone. He also went here. where the two started living together.

The family members are not ready to keep the daughter-in-law
Vikas and Ritesh’s marriage remains a topic of discussion in the area. After marriage, when Vikas reached home with his eunuch wife, the family did not allow him to enter the house. The family is against this marriage. At the same time, Vikas and Ritesh stand by their decision. He says that wherever you live, you will stay together.

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