"bigbrother"-Star Alex Jolig: motorcycle accident! After wife Britt, ex Jenny Elvers also reacts

“Big Brother” star Alex Jolig
motorcycle accident! Now wife Britt and ex Jenny Elvers are in touch

Britt Jolig, Alex Jolig, Jenny Elvers and Paul Jolig at the 4th Late Night Shopping Party at the AEZ Alstertal Shopping Center 2019

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Worry about Alex Jolig! During a motorcycle tour, the “Big Brother” star fell badly and was hospitalized. Wife Britt is dismayed and Jenny Elvers also reacts to her ex-boyfriend’s bad fall.

“It was a lesson for me. Never again without an airbag vest,” reads the current Instagram story by Alex Jolig, 59. On Thursday, July 21, 2022, it was announced that the “Big Brother” star had a bad fall on his motorcycle. During a men’s trip in Bavaria, he lost control of the vehicle, probably due to blocked brakes.

Alex Jolig seriously injured in motorcycle accident

The passionate motorcyclist has landed unhappily, suffered several broken ribs and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Jenny Elvers’ ex, 50, has been in a clinic since July 15. His wife Brit, 55, makes it clear how bad the situation is.

Britt Jolig: “Alex is bad”

“Alex is bad, he is very weak, can hardly stand, sit, walk. At the beginning of the week he collapsed trying to reach the toilet on his own,” the 55-year-old told “Bild”. Britt is worried about her husband, as she currently makes clear in her Instagram story. “Little kids little worries, big kids big worries,” she writes, also explaining that Alex’s accident was the reason for the long silence on social media.

"Big Brother" star Alex Jolig: motorcycle accident!  Now wife Britt and ex Jenny Elvers are in touch

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Britt Jolig emphasizes: “Alex urgently needs a complete check-up, but there is no possibility of an MRI or CT in the hospital where he is.” The return transport to Mallorca, where the couple lives, is complicated. On the advice of various specialists, Alex Jolig must be transported lying down. “If he can’t make it to the toilet, how is he going to make it to a gate for a scheduled flight?” she worries.

After hoping and worrying: organized transport to Mallorca

In the meantime, she has been able to organize a transport back home. “I’m still in shock, I’ve set half the world in motion,” says Britt Jolig. A comprehensive diagnosis will be carried out in the next few days. “I hope that checking through now doesn’t bring even worse things to light,” said the 55-year-old. Brit and Alex hope for a speedy recovery.

Jenny Elvers sends get well wishes

There are also wishes for recovery from his ex Jenny Elvers. “Get well soon” she wishes the father of her son Paul. The ex-couple was only together for a few months and is now on friendly terms. Most recently, the two competed in “Prominent Separate” and proved that they are still a good team.

"Big Brother" star Alex Jolig: motorcycle accident!  Now wife Britt and ex Jenny Elvers are in touch

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