"Big warthog!" : Issa Doumbia victim of horrible messages after revealing his physical transformation

You can’t please everyone, let alone on social media. Indeed, Internet users will always find that a person is too fat, too thin, not beautiful enough, too sexy, and others… Unfortunately, this is the law of social networks, which offer a certain “courage” among Internet users. , hidden behind their screen. A courage that Issa Doumbia has always shown, without being hidden behind his computer. The comedian proved it, when he was only 20 years old, during his first shoots.

Indeed, in an interview with Buzz-TVthe actor admitted to having been the victim of grossophobia on the part of a director but would not have let it go. “On my first series, I had real problems. There was a director, one day, who said something scandalous to me. I won’t even say his name, I think he died by the way “began the one who notably knew how to make himself known thanks to Our dear neighborsbefore adding: “But I didn’t let it go. The whole set heard, everyone said I was going to shut my mouth because I was brand new to the project. And in fact, I opened my mouth and I put him in his place”.

Disgusting insults and attacks

But since then, water has flowed under the bridge, and Issa Doumbia manages to keep calm. Even when he is again the victim of grossophobia. However, the actor recently revealed his impressive weight loss and should only have received compliments for it… However, some Internet users decided otherwise. The actor took to his Instagram account to reveal the content of a voice message he received during the day.

“Big Warthog”, was it possible to hear in the audio in question as well as a spitting, on his own phone, from the Internet user who spoke directly to Issa Doumbia, as a sign of disgust. Very surprised by what he had just received, but still keeping his calm, the comedian was content to say, facing the camera: “It doesn’t affect me huh! It’s just to show you how stupid people are. Even if I had posted a flower, I would have been sent messages like that, I would have been told something . That’s life !”. Like what, even by making every effort in the world, some still manage to find a way to criticize.

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