Big surprise! She found out that his daughter is pregnant on Mother’s Day and this was her reaction

Imagine that your children entertain you for the day of the sea and that same date you find yourself with the surprise that you will be a grandmother. That happened to a woman, who found out from her daughter’s own mouth that she is pregnant and kept it a secret for several weeks. Her singular reaction became viral in TikTok and it is a trend in Mexico.

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As can be seen in the video published by Alison, a young Guatemalan woman, her sister Rocío wanted to surprise her mother at the Mother’s Day and boy did he get it. The female told him she is pregnant in a unique way.

As can be seen in the images, the mother thought that it was a gift for her for her day, but her surprise was great when she opened the box and saw an ultrasound accompanied by several baby clothes. What happened after? She shouted to heaven and it was not literal.

The woman could not contain her joy and gave her daughter a big hug for the tremendous news. “Is it true that you are pregnant, Rocío?”, He asked her a thousand times more to confirm that it was not a joke, to which the young woman replied that she is indeed in the “sweet wait”.

This emotional scene was recorded by her sister, who uploaded her mother’s reaction to social networks when she found out that she would be a grandmother on such a special date. The clip adds more than 883 thousand reproductions and 69 thousand ‘likes’ on TikTok.

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