Big Sky: Víctor Varona, Toni’s interpreter, gave details of the second season and told what it was like to work for Netflix

On February 16, Netflix launched, in style, big sky the new youth series dedicated purely and exclusively for teenagers. With a single season of 11 episodes, fiction innovated in the plots for the youngest, moving away from the typical cliché. Full of mystery, drama and even endearing musical moments, this series has already become the most watched in the section that the platform has for boys.

Netflix has probably already foreseen such a success because, a day before the release of big skyIt was confirmed that it will have a second season. Exactly what the new episodes will be like is still unknown, but who could give details about it was Victor Varona. The actor, originally from Mexico, played the great Toni in the first edition and has already returned to Argentina to film the second part.

Therefore, in an exclusive interview with spoilers He told what he was allowed to say, confirmed if he will appear doing wakeboarding and assured that what is coming will be better. “We know what the story is going to be about, but we haven’t defined the scenes, so I don’t know how much wakeboarding I’m going to be involved in, but from what I’ve read I know it’s going to come in handy. It comes very well”, were his exact words. Even so, despite the fact that she is already working on the new chapters, Varona stated that she still cannot believe it.

I still can’t believe how successful it is big sky. I flow, I go with what is happening right now. All I have is the feedback from my colleagues and a little bit of people’s reactions, but I haven’t really gone into it in depth to analyze it because I don’t believe it yet. I find it hard to accept”, he assured. In addition, on the other hand, he made it clear that the recordings, at least for him, will take six months. Of course, in his interview with spoilers He expressed how he feels about his return: “Now a little more stagnant because I already know how this is. I was already in Argentina last year, which was crazy because I didn’t know anyone, but now I feel a little more at home.”.

In the first edition, in addition to being one of the most brilliant performances of the entire cast for his role as coach, he also showed his romantic side when he met up again with Luz (Abril Di Yorio) and fell in love again. However, as he rightly stated, Victor Varona He still has no indication of how the second season is going to go, so he still has no official confirmation that their relationship will return for the second part.

I don’t know if Toni and Luz come back, I have no idea. What can I tell you? I can’t tell you anything!” She exclaimed with a laugh and then added: “Only if you’ve already seen season 1, why watch it all if it just premiered? Better enjoy it a little more and if you already finished it, watch it about five more times. But it’s the only thing I can say”. Even so, the actor assured that for this edition he is much calmer because he “already knows” his character after the incredible preparation he gave Toni, who is fundamental to the story of big sky.

In his interview with spoilersVarona said: “I have never been a coach. I have a very relaxed attitude towards life, my corporality, the way I get along with my friends and to be a coach I had to show another type of attitude, perhaps a little more personal, more grounded”, he began explaining. But, later he stated: “Although obviously I did not do it 100% like this because they asked me in the production to be like me, because they liked my personality, only with the mentality that I am a coach”.

So much so that, according to what he explained, in order to make that big change, the clothes they put on him were of some help.”It’s very different from how I dress. Dressing myself wet all the time gives me a different body, I flow differently, but there they dressed me more strawberry, more cheto as they say here in Argentina, tighter, more formal. So it gives you another type of posture, you speak differently and that side is good”, he sentenced.

On the other hand, his character Toni also had to learn wakeboarding, the sport that is the special seasoning in the series: “I had to soak up wakeboarding because I didn’t know much. I got to do it in Mexico, but with friends, on vacation sometimes, but I had to learn the tricks, the instruments that are used to do it, like all those kinds of little things. So it was a pretty nice job and father, I really enjoyed it”, he said and, to close, Victor Varona made it clear before spoilers: “big sky It is one more door that has been opened for me, one more step and it is crazy that they take me out of my country to come to work in what I like the most, so I have nothing left to thank”.

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