Big Sky season 2: Netflix revealed the release date


The second season of big sky It was confirmed before the premiere of the first one, and it already has a release date! know her.

Big Sky returns to Netflix
© NetflixBig Sky returns to Netflix

The second season of big sky It’s ready to hit Netflix. The series, of Argentine origin, became one of the favorites of the children’s audience and is about to return. This is because it obviously became one of the most important strips of the year. It was on February 16 when the first 11 episodes were shared on the streaming giant and they were a success, so the platform did not hesitate to renew it.

This is because big sky captivated the viewers due to its engaging and exciting plot. Well, this series that combines action, mystery, romance and endearing musical moments, follows the story of a group of teenagers who work to save an aging hotel that is also lost in the Argentine Delta. In turn, the reality is that this location brings together childhood memories, family secrets and unforgettable moments in the middle of a wakeboarding competition.

Undoubtedly a beautiful story of overcoming where love and family are the most important. In any case, the reality is that the end has left everyone completely shocked. In addition, it left the doors open for the arrival of a second season. And now the official release date of the long-awaited return of this children’s fiction is finally known.

With more musical moments, joy, emotions and drama big sky prepares to return. It will be next December 30, right at the end of the year, when the new episodes arrive on the platform.. Of course, for the moment, it is unknown how many chapters will make up the new edition or if there will be new characters. However, there is something that is certain: the same protagonists return.

The great proof of this is that in the first part there have been many open intrigues about the already known characters. So much so that now they return to Netflix to continue revealing everything about them. In any case, it should be noted that the second season may be the last, but the truth is that for now the streaming giant has not confirmed anything about it.

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