Big mystery: Author has been dead for two years – but now she’s alive

It sounds like the plot of a thriller where the main character rises from the dead.

But this is not made up. That is the reality. And the main character is the American writer Susan Meachen.

Two years ago, what people assumed was Susan Meachen’s daughter posted from the mother’s Facebook profile in the Facebook reading group she had started. Here it was said that the author had died by suicide. One post, which has since been deleted, writes, among other things Rolling Stone.

The suicide was supposed to be a direct result of bullying and harassment from others in the book community. A few weeks before, she had also tried to take her own life.

Since then, the author’s Facebook page has been used to promote Susan Meachen’s work and share posts about suicide prevention. On her side, friends have expressed their loss. One message sounded, among other things.

“I miss you, but happy birthday in heaven. I know you dance in heaven with nothing but peace in your heart.’

But Susan Meachen is not dead at all. She has revealed this herself in a post on the reading group where her death was initially announced.

“I’ve debated with myself a million times about how to do this and I’m still not sure if it’s right or not. My family did what they thought was best for me, and I can’t blame them for that.’

“I almost died again by my own hand and they had to go through all that hell again. Getting back to the reading group doesn’t mean much, but I’m in a good place now and I hope to write again. Let the fun begin,’ she wrote in her post where she returned from the dead.

It was so funny that the others in the reading group, who had mourned her death, now didn’t think it was.

One of them is co-author Samantha A. Cole, who immediately wrote to Susan Meachen asking what was going on.

Here the answer was that Susan Meachen wanted her life back.

In a video, Samantha A. Cole has put words to the shock.

“I’m glad Susan allegedly got the help she needed, but I don’t condone what she did, and I can’t condone what she did.”

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