Big Mouth Releases First Sneak Peeks Featuring Lee Jong Suk In Prison

Big Mouth will be the new tax drama starring Girls’ Generation’s Lee Jong Suk and YoonA. An interesting story of a not very talented lawyer who is accused of murder and who will embark on a fight to prove his innocence. The first previews of the series were revealed.

Big Mouth already has its first advances. This will be Lee Jong Suk’s return to the drama world after a two-year hiatus due to military service. A tax drama that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats for all the intrigues and mysteries that will appear.

Big Mouth preview. // Source: Twitter @Japsang

Korean drama lovers are excited to see Lee Jong Suk in the new previews of Big Mouth, as they have been patiently waiting for his return and soon they will be able to see him again on the small screen.

Big Mouth will feature stars like Lee Jong Suk, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, Kim Joo Hun, Ok Ja Yeon, and more. And it promises to become one of the best dramas of this summer. Are you waiting for this premiere?

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Big Mouth Shows Scenes Of Lee Jong Suk Becoming A Murder Suspect

In an early sneak peek for Big Mouth, Lee Jong Suk is seen wearing a rather stylish beige suit, seemingly in the middle of an argument. Although he carries a notebook in his hand, it is unknown if it is the script or part of the plot.

His character, Park Chang Ho, is a somewhat mediocre lawyer who has a very low percentage of cases won in court. For this reason, he does not have the respect of his classmates and is about to divorce his wife, Go Mi Ho (YoonA). However, things change when he is wrongfully accused of murder and his wife begins to help him prove his innocence. In the process, they must unmask a network of corruption within the Korean elite.

Big Mouth preview. // Source: Twitter @Japsang

On the other hand, a scene in which Lee Jong Suk appears in an interrogation, wearing a convict’s uniform and a face full of injuries, was also revealed. This indicates that during his stay in prison, lawyer Park Chang Ho will be beaten, perhaps by his companions or by the officers themselves. Each new image increases the mystery about the course of the plot.

Big Mouth preview. // Source: Twitter @Japsang

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When is Big Mouth released? Lee Jong Suk and YoonA’s new drama

Although the exact date on which this drama will be released has not yet been revealed, it is expected to arrive in the month of July. We suggest you stay tuned to find out when you can see Lee Jong Suk’s return to the world of dramas.

In other news, Sweet Home will have two new seasons, the cast that will return to the scene has been revealed.

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