big change in mp bjp: Big Change in BJP News : big change in mp bjp, six sangthan mantri removed, know who had what responsibility


  • There has been a big change in MP BJP, six divisional ministers were removed
  • Leave of divisional minister of Bhopal, Gwalior, Ujjain, Indore, Rewa, Shahdol and Sagar
  • All have been included in the State Working Committee
  • National Co-Organization General Secretary Shivprakash will also stay in Bhopal

The era of change is going on in BJP. In MP, BJP has made a big change within the organization. BJP has removed its six divisional organization ministers in the state. All of them have been made members of the State Working Committee. With this decision, the posts of organization minister have become vacant in the state. From then onwards, Organization General Secretary Suhas Bhagat and Co-Organization General Secretary Hitanand Sharma will see the entire system.

Among those removed is Shailendra Barua, who had the responsibility of Jabalpur and Narmadapuram. Jitendra Litoria, he had the responsibility of Ujjain division. Ashutosh Tiwari was responsible for the nearby Gwalior and Bhopal divisions. Shamam Mahajan had the responsibility of Rewa-Shahdol. Apart from this, Jaipal Singh Chavda had the responsibility of Indore. Also Keshav Singh Bhadauria had the responsibility of Sagar and Chambal. All these people have now joined the State Working Committee.

National Co-Organization General Secretary Shivprakash will also stay in Bhopal
At the same time, another change has taken place inside the BJP. Now National Co-Organization General Secretary Shivprakash will also sit in Bhopal. He will stay in Bhopal permanently for a few months. From here he will keep an eye on the activities of the organization and the government. Speculations are also being made that the post of divisional minister may end in BJP.

At the same time, there is a discussion that the removed people can be engaged in the system of corporation and mandal elections. After the National Co-Organization General Secretary Shiv Prakash stayed here, the role of his divisional ministers was reduced. Municipal elections are going to be held soon in the state. Meanwhile, BJP is trying to strengthen the organization. This change is being seen by connecting it to the same link.

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