Big change for users of prepaid phone cards: it will now be possible to change cards while keeping your credit

The Minister made this communication in anticipation of a session of the Chamber’s Economy Committee devoted in the afternoon to her general policy note. A royal decree in this regard will enter into force in 2023.

“A lot of people call using prepaid cards and they lose their remaining call credit when they change operators. I find this absurd: you paid a certain amount, so in the event of a change of operator, you should be able to keep it. From 2023, customers will keep their call credit,” said the minister.

A scheduled refund

Concretely: “holders of a prepaid card can ask their former telecom operator to reimburse the remaining amount. They then receive this amount in their bank account at the latest after 4 weeks. To do this, they must first take the necessary steps in store with their new operator and keep their old number. »

When customers want to change operator, telecommunications providers can however charge 5 euros if this clause is clearly mentioned in the contract concluded with the users, recalls the minister.

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