Big Brother Vip, the incommentable words of Luciano Punzo: “My grandfather beat my grandmother but that was true love”

What must happen for Mediaset to realize that it is enough? Treat mental health as a ‘functional’ step a a happy ending of a fake love story? Can the bullied be tolerated? Or words like those of Luciano Punzo? In the meantime, who is this “Vippone”? Neapolitan model, former participant of Temptation Island and Beijing Express now at Big Brother Vip, because there are never too many reality shows. Talking with Sarah Altobelli in the Casa di Cinecittà, he first recounted how strong his girlfriend Manuela Carriero is, despite some moments of tension recently experienced: “I hope I haven’t lost her forever, I miss her. I’m thinking about something very important. I wait for another month to pass, I realized that I can’t be without her. Maybe I’ll marry her. We lived together for a year, if I get married I will change, marriage for me is sharing“. Then: “There are ups and downs in life, they taught me that broken things must be fixed. Today everyone is good at changing girls. I remember other times when the man beat the woman. I wouldn’t want that, but my great grandmother was fine with her, she said ‘he’s my man’. I grew up with those values, I can’t help it”

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