Big Brother Vip, Lulù Selassié receives an affectionate message from the fans and Katia Ricciarelli reacts very badly: this is what he said

Yesterday 13 January was a day of surprises for the competitors of the Big Brother Vip6. The roommates of the Casa di Cinecittà, in fact, received some messages of support from the fans, via airplanes. Nathalie Caldonazzo, Manuel Bortuzzo, Miriana Trevisan, Alessandro Basciano, Sophie Codegoni but above all the Princesses, Lulù and Jessica Selassiè, they received yet another demonstration of affection from the outside. “No to racism, all of Italy is with you Lulu“, Was the message that caught the attention of the competitors.

“Bravi”, “How nice”, commented ‘the Vippons’. But not all of them. Katia Ricciarelli, in fact, intent on talking to Carmen Russo, she said: “Mamma mia how many shit you guys. Lulu all of Italy is with you, okay, thank goodness“. In short, it seems that the nerves are still tense. Yes, because in recent weeks, the soprano had been severely attacked for some questionable phrases about Lulu. Now, this message reopens the wounds. We bet that Alfonso Signorini will want to talk about it tonight, January 14, during the new episode live on Canale 5.

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