Big Brother Vip, also Alberto De Pisis positive for Covid: here are all the blocks. Giaele De Donà: “Like a Squid game…”

“Squid game, the last one left…”. So a competitor Giaele DeDonà he described, with an evocative image, what is happening inside the house of Big Brother Vip. After Wilma Goich, another participant actually tested positive for Covid. It’s about Alberto DePisis, known for his history with Taylor Mega, after which he said he was homosexual.

“Following daily medical checks, today Alberto De Pisis tested positive for Covid-19. The competitor is in good condition and has temporarily left the house to be isolated. He will be back as soon as possible,” the production said via Twitter.

Even before him, other competitors tested positive. And so the number of blocks rose to six: Luca Onestiniin all likelihood the ‘patient zero’, asymptomatic positive who in turn passed the virus to his companions, and then Charlie Gnocchi, Patricia Lipsticks, Attilius Romita, Wilma Goich and, precisely, De Pisis. Even Pamela Prati, last eliminated in the episode, tested positive once she left the house.

The new positivity sparked reactions from the participants. In particular Giaele De Donà who, speaking to the other competitors, compared the game to Squid Game, emphasizing that “every day we lose competitors”.

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