Big Brother Vip 7: the former castaway Luca Daffré looms over Oriana Marzoli and Antonino Spinalbese

While Oriana Marzoli and Antonino Spinalbese get closer in the house of Big Brother Vip 7, the former castaway Luca Daffré has something to say.

Oriana Marzoli And Antonino Spinalbese they could be the second pair of the Big Brother VIP 7but has something to say about the Venezuelan model Luca Daffré. The former castaway from the last Island of the famous gave an interview to Fanpage in which he confirmed that he had dated the Venezuelan model until a few weeks ago.

After the hot night, Oriana Marzoli and Antonino Spinalbese went back to sleep in the same bed, but this time the cameras did not capture any suspicious movements, nothing to comment on social media. Today Antonella Fiordelisi asked the model how the story with Belen’s ex was progressing. “He said he likes you a lot“, revealed the fencer, as seen in the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity.

According to Fiordelisi, Antonino initially kept his distance to understand who Oriana was more interested in between him and Daniele Del Moro: “Now he understands that you are really interested in him. She never exposes herself, if he said he’s interested like that it means he’s taken“, continues Antonella.

Oriana, for her part, hopes that their acquaintance can continue “If he goes out I don’t think he’s waiting for me“, he says, almost assuming that whoever leaves the house first between the two of them will be Spinalbese.

In the meantime, Luca Daffré spoke outside the house, joined by Fanpage, who shared his stay on the Isola dei Famosi with Edoardo Tavassi. He and Oriana met through Instagram, their story did not last long, despite the understanding because “She immediately started in fourth place, I didn’t feel like continuing“said the model.

The two broke up a few weeks ago, when he saw her in the most spied on house in Italy Luca thought “Whether it was right in its context, reality TV is its natural habitat. In addition, I won’t deny that I felt a little taken for a ride. I have the doubt that she tried to tie herself specifically to an Italian boy“. On his relationship with Antonino, Luca Daffré states: “ Surely you will have studied the profiles of the boys well before entering. You also admitted it in the House, by the way. I was sure she would bond with one of them“.

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