Big Brother Vip 7, Oriana Marzoli: "I learned that Antonino wants to close with me"

The love story between Oriana Marzoli and Antonino Spinalbese at Big Brother Vip 7 would have already ended

A story born and finished under the covers the one between a Oriana Marzoli And Antonino Spinalbese to the Big Brother VIP 7. Belen’s ex and the Venezuelan model have already moved away. The cause was an unsuccessful joke by Oriana about Antonino’s daughter

Belen’s ex had confided in Oriana the lack of the daughter he shares with Belen “I only live when she’s around, the rest of the time I survive“, said Antonino. “Don’t be exaggerated, no dad talks like that“, the model replied, saying that she too misses her dog. The comparison made Antonino furious.

Later, Spinalbese confided to Antonella Fiordelisi that he regretted having started a relationship with Oriana. “She says I’m exaggerated and that I’m dramatic“. Later the discussion between the two continued, the model apologized for her sentence, also thanks to a lack of fluency in Italian: “unintentionally I was wrong“, she says, while Antonino is adamant:”Many times I trusted my feelings, when I didn’t I regretted it“, accusing Marzoli of lack of sensitivity.

The discontent between the two continued today, the Venezuelan told Sarah Altobello that she tried to approach him but that she was pushed away. Oriana then, through Luca Salatino, learned that Antonino wants to close with her permanently. “It’s not up to you, it took you so long. I trust that tomorrow the way of doing things will change“Sarah tells her, as seen in the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity


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