"Big Brother": Telefe already has plans for the new season in 2023

“Big Brother 2022” continues to overwhelm everything in its path. After beat the debut of “The Hotel of the Famous 2” by more than 20 pointswith an elimination gala and 0 km test, continues on its way to the final, which would only arrive at the end of March (although Santiago del moro he still hasn’t told the truth Romina). But apparently, Telefe and Paramount are so happy with the results of “GH” that they want the house to receive more participants in a new edition in 2023.

Santiago del Moro entered the house of “Big Brother 2022” to face “The Hotel of the Famous 2”

As reported by La Pavada from Diario Crónica, the strategy to cancel “The Hotel of the Famous 2” worked very well for “Big Brother”, already with Santiago del Moro entering the house and the car at stake with extreme proof. He had the best rating number of the year (22.4), and they are already thinking about the second edition 2023. Wednesday is nominated, and fights inside the house are encouraged.

Romina and Alphain alliance, go against maxi and nachoWhile Juliet and Daniela They are unconditional with Romi, up to there. Meanwhile, whoever wins the car test becomes the leader of the week, and will be able to save one of the nominees on Thursday. Go ahead with cameras in the house “The night of the exes” and a RED party is coming, with interactive screens for online betting games, sponsor of the reality show.

Speculation about a new season adds beans due to the news that this same section gave in which It was confirmed that “MasterChef” will air this year without Del Moroand obviously it makes sense thinking that he will continue to lead the reality show of the most famous house in the country.

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