"Big Brother": Silvia Süller’s ex-boyfriend signed up for the casting

With the promo for the return of “ Big Brother” on Telefe’s screen, castings were opened and hundreds of people from all over Argentina signed up to participate in the cycle that will lead Santiago del Moro.

Among the fans who left their data and videos to integrate the most famous house on the small screen, it transpired that Martin Lema, the Uruguayan who knew how to conquer Silvia Suller and then fell in love with Alejandra Pradon, was noted.

Big Brother is going to return to the screen and Telefe will broadcast this reality show and there is something important to tell, I am going to tell you the name of the famous person who was written, he is a person who wants to reach the top of the show business“, advancement John Etchegoyen by “Miter Live”.

Martín Lema transcended for his romances with Silvia Süller and Alejandra Pradón.

He is dying to enter the house, he is a man, you are going to hear it from his mouth, what he feels with this inscription that he has made, he has already sent his video to the GH production, this person was lovingly linked to different Argentine media. He told me that he is willing to do anything, he lives in Uruguay, I am talking about Martín Lema, the man who conquered Silvia Suller and Alejandra Pradón, he has a personal financial problem and needs to solve it“revealed the journalist.

For his part, the young man registered at the “Big Brother” house said: “Yesterday I found out from my partner that I could sign up for GH and I got home quickly to be able to make the video and I already sent it, I have a disease called gambling, I am addicted to gambling and I have to pay a lot of debts, enter Big Brother It would be useful for that topic and also to fulfill my dream of being famous“.

I hope that the program gives me the opportunity, I want to be in the most famous cycle of Argentine television“, he concluded hopefully.

Video: The spectacular presentation of Big Brother

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