Big Brother: Quinaz “presses” with Ana Barbosa and guarantees: “I already saw that you are pregnant, it is obvious…”

Ana Barbosa, Gonçalo Quinaz and Bruna Gomes were talking this afternoon in the garden of the most guarded house in the country (while António Bravo fell asleep), and the former footballer began to suspect him a few days ago.

“Do you think it was inappropriate for you to be pregnant? I’m suspecting, no joke, that I don’t want you to think this is bullying or whatever…” start by confessing.

“I saw you there yesterday in a position where I was going to say that you were three months old at ease, sitting… even so, just a pregnant belly… Did Ricardo not put any seeds in you there before you came here?”start by shooting.

Ana Barbosa was thoughtful and shot: “Do you take anything?”, asked Quinaz. “No,” replied the contestant. “I’m sure he is…” shot Gonçalo Quinaz again. “I happen to have a headache and feel sick every day,” confessed Ana Barbosa.

See the video here.

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