Big Brother: Poll reveals (without a doubt) who will be expelled this Sunday, 20

TVI’s “Big Brother” has been hot in recent weeks with the interest of the program’s followers growing, as the controversies inside and outside the most watched house in the country also grow.

This Sunday, November 20th, another one of the contestants will see their participation in the program come to an end, and after the (great) controversy surrounding the phone calls that the Boa Nova couple has made to their son, and which has caused so much to talk about, the Hiper Fm survey accounts are “matching” with what is being commented.

Tatiana Boa Nova with 44.1% is the most voted to leave the house, and should even leave the game. Second, but at a great distance, arises Patrícia Silva registers 28.6%🇧🇷 Further down in the voting intentions comes Sónia Pinho with 18.3%. Fourthly we have Diogo Coelho with 5.6% and fifth Bernardo Ribeiro with only 3.4%.

See below:

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