Big Brother: Mário Jardel “confronts” Leandro: “What are you laughing at, clown?”

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, January 11th, the competitors of Big Brother Famosos were making caricatures of their colleagues and sharing the result with the group in a dynamic in the garden proposed by the sovereign entity.

Mário Jardel was the first to share his work, where Catarina Siqueira was the target, who, this week, is the president of the house. While explaining his caricature, the former footballer was interrupted several times by Bruno de Carvalho and this made him shoot: “Bruno, do you want to introduce?“.

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Bruno refused and, immediately, Mário Jardel confronted Leandro who was finding it funny at that moment: “What are you laughing at, clown?“. Colleagues laughed at the question, Leandro turned to Nuno Homem de Sá, because he thought that the observation would have been for the actor, but he ended up being alerted by Kasha that the question was addressed to himself: “I?“.

Watch the moment here at 2:56 minutes.

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