Big Brother: Luís Nascimento crushes Kasha and Catarina Siqueira: “It’s a dirty game, anyway…”

Luís Nascimento is an attentive viewer of this new edition of TVI’s “Big Brother Famosos”. The former competitor and winner of the “Casa dos Segredos” has used social media to give his “bitaites” about the reality show, and on Thursday morning, he rebelled against Kasha and Catarina Siqueira.

At issue is the way Bruno de Carvalho addressed his colleague, which prompted a reaction from Kasha who threw herself at the former president of Sporting: “You don’t raise your voice to a woman“, said the DAMA musician as he can remember here.

Kasha is really fragile, it can’t be argued. Raise your voice… what hothouse flowers!“, begins by writing Luís Nascimento.

“Kasha makes a storm in a glass of water and Catarina takes the opportunity to play the victim. It’s a game on her part, but it’s a dirty game anyway”, Cláudio Ramos’ brother also shoots.

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