Big Brother: Liliana Almeida’s Girlfriend “Pecks” Cinha Jardim: “Grave…”

Liliana Almeida and Bruno de Carvalho have maintained a very close relationship on “Big Brother”, which has been a topic of conversation inside and outside the most guarded house in the country.

Cinha Jardim and Maria Sampaio talked about the relationship between the two competitors, and showed that they have different views. The actress revealed that the duo has grown a relationship of friendship, but Cinha Jardim disagrees: “This is not a best friend… This is an interest of the two… I think it’s completely game”, begins by explaining.

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“Bruno became fond of the snuggles they’ve been making… I’ve seen gays who have boyfriends playing, but it wasn’t this… It’s very different”, explains yet. Maria Sampaio points out: “If it was a gay man with a best friend it wasn’t a problem.”

Cinha Jardim considers: “But it’s not here… She has a person out there, if it was a man it would be more serious than if it’s a woman… why? They have to be the same…”, still shoot.

Jaci Duarte, who has been singled out by the press as Liliana Almeida’s girlfriend, took to social media to comment on Cinha Jardim’s words: “But it’s not here!” Only at home guys, only at home!! We have to treat people according to where we are folks!!”, can be read.

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