Big Brother: Felipe Neto talks about Bruna Gomes again and reveals: “The affection I feel for Bruna will last a lifetime…”

This Thursday, May 12, Felipe Neto returned to social media to talk about his ex-girlfriend, Bruna Gomes. The youtuber spoke about the reason for not deleting the photographs with the young woman on social networks.

Despite the relationship with Bruna Gomes having already ended, Felipe Neto does not delete the photographic records on social networks that he has alongside the Big Brother competitor – Desafio Final.

The youtuber has already been confronted several times on this subject and decided to resort to the stories of his personal Instagram account to explain the reason: “A lot of people ask me if I’m not going to delete the photos with Bruna on my insta. People… The affection I feel for Bruna will last a lifetime. The importance we had in each other’s lives was absolute. Although the couple’s love is over, the affection is not”, starts by writing.

Felipe Neto also clarifies: “I’ll only erase something if she asks me to. Other than that, anyone who wants to be with me today has to know that I don’t erase my story just to please someone. That said, I just want the best for Bruna and I wish her all the happiness in the world.”

At the end of the publication, Felipe Neto reveals that it is “very happy to have spent these 5 years learning so much from her” and shoot: “Loves end, but stories are forever”.

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