Big Brother: After criticism, Bruno’s father throws barbs at TVI: “The curve of life was edited at will…”

Following the sharing of the curve of Bruno’s life at the Big Brother gala last Sunday and the reaction of his father present at the Venda do Pinheiro studio, former competitor Nuno Jesus, who participated in Casa dos Segredos 6, resorted to social media to criticize the way Bruno’s family was exposed.

The reaction of Manuel, António’s father, emerged through a comment in which he threw some barbs at TVI: “There are people who talk, talk….but say absolutely nothing!! And still others who hide their rottenness, talking and accusing people of being or doing “this and that” without worrying about the veracity of what they “spit” into the air“, he wrote.

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Criticism of TVI followed: “If they thought a little, they would see that Bruno’s life curve was edited, at TVI’s pleasure, which only approved and showed what they wanted, cutting and pasting, the fragments that interested them and ignoring others that could give some prominence more positive to Bruno, as he always does, in the “BBplayer’s”, where he highlights all the less good moments of Bruno and omits in a biased way…“.

What I have to say, about my son, is that he really is a good son and an exemplary man, of which I am very proud! Force my son!!!“he concluded.

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