"Big Brother 2022": Who was the fourth eliminated?

A new week comes to an end, and a new participant leaves the house of Big Brother 2022″. The reality show, which continues to solidify itself as the most watched in the country, went through a new Elimination Gala filled with polemic, romance and the expected exit from his eliminated room. Who left the most famous house in the country?

The plate of the week is once again more loaded than usual: the votes of the participants left Juan, Agustin, Daniela and Nacho at the mercy of the public, while Alpha was plated by Big Brother himself after his reprehensible comments towards Coti.

This, added to the sanction of Lucila “la Tora” for removing the microphone to participate in a frustrated plotcaused the leader of the week to be unable to save one of her teammates, leaving the plate of five.

La Tora tried to create a plot inside the house and was sanctioned.

This Sunday, the supreme spoke, and the public vote decreed that Juan was the third eliminated from the house of ” Big Brother”. The verdict he delivered Santiago del Moro It generated a lot of expectation and will have unthinkable consequences in the house. The outcome could set the course for what follows, such as new alliances or internal ruptures.

The taxi driver entered the house “Argentine Big Brother” wanting to play, but he received a severe blow with the departure of Tomás Holder, his ally and friend, the first week. Juan he failed to fully recover, and finally left the house on Sunday.

The already former participant has his entire family waiting for him outside the house, with his beloved children and grandchildren. Juan’s eldest son talked about his father’s gameregretting that his attitude inside the house did not reflect his true personality, something that with his departure we will never get to know.

the third week of ” Big Brother” promises to keep up the pace of tension. On Monday, Santiago del Moro will interview Juan after being eliminated by the public, while on Tuesday the test will take place to define the new leader of the house. The nomination gala will arrive on Wednesday, although on Thursday the person saved from the plaque by the winner of the challenge will be known.

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