"Big Brother 2022": Who was the fifth eliminated?

After John’s eliminationthe fourth “Monito” to leave the house of “Big Brother 2022”the participants starred a week of conflict. Between romances, fights and partiesarrived on Sunday and the fifth Elimination Gala, which culminated in the departure of a little sister from the most famous house in the country.

This week’s plate ended up made up of Lucilla, Juliana and Alphathe two women in their first appearance as nominees alongside the veteran of the plaque. Tasting was saved from the judgment of the supreme court by decision of Nacho and Conejowho exercised joint leadership after winning the week’s challenge.

Finally, the public vote exercised its power and marked that Lucila “la Tora” was the fifth eliminated from the house of “Big Brother 2022”. The verdict he delivered Santiago del Moro It generated a lot of expectation and will have unthinkable consequences in the house, with one of the first alliances of the house settled. The outcome could set the course for what follows, such as new alliances or internal ruptures.

The little sister left the house after receiving an overwhelming 65.38% of the audience’s votes, followed by Juliana with 34.62% and Alfa finishing third, just over 4%.

La Tora was the fifth eliminated from the “Big Brother” house.

the step of Lucilla by the house of “Argentine Big Brother” It was marked by conflict and controversy from day one, just as the blonde promised in her presentation video. After his strong series of crosses with Alfa due to the incident with Coti, Lucila ended up antagonizing “Tini de GH” in his last week at home.

“La Tora” is the fifth participant allied with the “Monitos” group to leave the house. The group started by Tomás Holder, the first eliminated from the houseY Juan the taxi driver is so far the most beaten in the contest. The participants were penalized for conspiracy on two occasions, and Lucila saw her vows annulled and her right to save a partner as leader of the house During last week.

the sixth week of ” Big Brother” promises to keep up the tension. On MondaySantiago del Moro will interview Lucila after being eliminated by the public, while on Tuesday the test will take place to define the new leader of the house. The nomination gala will arrive on Wednesday, although on Thursday the person saved from the plaque by the winner of the challenge will be known. The détente could arrive on Friday with the party, which includes the debate between former competitors.

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