"Big Brother 2022": who are the weekly leaders?

Big Brother 2022″ it has a key day on Tuesdays for the development of the week. Carrying out the test that defines the leader causes great interest among the participants, since in case of winning they obtain notorious benefits. One of them is immunity at the nomination gala, in addition to the opportunity to save one of the players at risk of leaving in the elimination evening.

This time, the challenge marked a notable particularity since the prize would be double: two participants became leaders, although they can only save one contestant. Finally, Nacho and Rabbit defeated Daniela and Romina in a live final of “Big Brother 2022” after the preliminary crossings during the afternoon. This means that they will not be left behind, although they will have a heated debate regarding salvation.

The game that was based on the balance of the participants left the pair of men in charge of the most famous house in the country for a week. For his part, Nacho He stressed that the key was in the patience they had throughout the game. True to his style Rabbit was encouraged to joke for the difference they won and explained that they had not sweated in the test.

” Big Brother” You already know your new leaders, which may change the coexistence in the coming days, as it happened in other weeks. The power that both players have enables the chance for some participants to approach in search of obtaining the long-awaited salvation.

Nacho and Conejo are the weekly leaders of “Big Brother 2022”.

There is great expectation for the next nomination gala after the departure of Juan, who retired with 88% of the votes. Furthermore, the strong crossover between Torah Y Alpha made the tension grow in the house of “GH”. This shows them as candidates to be at risk of leaving the competition next Sunday, although the list has to be completed by other names.

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