"Big Brother 2022": what did the gold and silver releases say?

After his departure from the most famous house in the country, Lucilla “the Torah” confronted analysts “Big Brother 2022” and remembered his time in the contest. As the discussion progressed, Santiago del Moro announced that the owner of the house sent two messages that will change everything.

While Lucilla he remembered his passage through the house of “Argentine Big Brother” and found out some surprising truths, the reality show host brought to light the two envelopes containing the communications from Big Brother.

the golden envelopeadvancement Santiago del Morois related to the sanction they will receive Coti Y Rabbit for the plot they made in last week’s nomination, with the aim of eliminating the Torah.

Coti and Conejo point against Agustín for the sixth week.

the silver envelope, on the other hand, confirmed that the spontaneous nomination had already taken place inside the house. In today’s program, it was shown that Daniela went to the confessional to do it, but Big Brother told her that another participant had already used it. Regarding the identity of the person responsible, Nacho, Cata and Agustin They are on the lookout inside the house.

The sixth week of “Big Brother” promises to keep up the pace of tension. On Tuesday the test will take place to define the new leader of the house. The nomination gala will arrive on Wednesday, although on Thursday the person saved from the plate by the winner of the challenge will be known. The détente could arrive on Friday with the weekly party, that includes the debate between ex-competitors.


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