"Big Brother 2022": They assure that Juan and Tomás Holder are going to "act legally" against the program

“Big Brother 2022” It has only been on the air for a few weeks but the impact it generated on viewers is remarkable, so the participants are very important. Even those who have already left the most famous house in the country, since some were at the center of criticism, especially in the debates they carry out from Telefe. Two similar cases were those of Tomás Holder Y Juan Reverdito.

The current season has four eliminated, all marked by viewers as very little loved people in the house. Holder was the first out by popular vote and He was highly questioned about his strategy and his way of playing. Something similar happened in the last hours, since Juan left with 88% of the votes in the definition against Alfa to meet the new expelled.

Reverdito was confronted by the panel of “Big Brother 2022”among which appears Gaston Trezeguet, remembered player of the first edition. After different sayings, the now former participant could only express regret and commented that he had made a mistake in his game. This time, another former contestant in the competition referred to what happened and the consequences that he could have for Telefe.

The departure of Tomás Holder caused pain in his groupmates.

Mariano Beronformer member of ” Big Brother” In 2015, he gave his look at what happened to the two participants. “Juan and Holder are going to take legal action against the production”wrote the young man who came in fourth place seven years ago.

In the last days, Thomas Holder He was calm about his distance from the cameras after his departure from the reality show. The influencer explained that he returned to his native Rosario to meet his affections, in addition to the fact that he did not feel comfortable in the exposure that the Telefe competition gave him, despite only staying for a week.

They assure that Juan and Tomás Holder are going to denounce “Big Brother”.

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