"big brother 2022": the networks exploded due to Maxi’s reprehensible homophobic comment on María Laura

Controversy grows in the house of “Big Brother 2022” for issues of homophobia, abuse and harassment. After Martinathe second eliminated from the house, revealed in her presentation that bisexuality gave him “gross”; Maxi expressed an outrageous phrase about the sexuality of Maria Lauranicknamed “Cata”, for the interruptions he suffered with Juliana in their sexual encounter.

Look at the moment when Maxi takes a hard shot at María Laura’s sexuality in “Big Brother 2022”!

In one of the spiciest editions in the history of reality, Thiago He was accused of sexual abuse for groping a Agustinwhile he slept, and Alpha was nominated automatically, by decision of Big Brother”for harassing Coti.

In the last few hours after the reconciliation of Maxi and Julianathe couple tried to have sex in the bathroom of the house, but they were interrupted twice. The first was from the all-seeing eye, who asked the contestants, through the speakers, to give their consent on camera.

However, minutes later, in the middle of a fiery situation, one of the competitors who was outside the bathroom, knocked on the door and cut off the weather. After the “the Cordovan” and the 31-year-old girl have left their love nest, the young man consulted: “Who was?”. And he added: “To that person who went to do that evil, I wish seven years of bad sex”.

Juliana and Maxi from ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′ gave their consent on camera to have sex in the bathroom.” data-height=”419″ data-size=”w:1999,h:1125″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.cronica.com.ar/export/sites/cronica/img/2022/11/15/juliana_maxi_gran_hermano_2022_consent.jpeg_366287663.jpeg” title=”Juliana and Maxi from ‘Big Brother 2022’ gave their consent on camera to have sex in the bathroom.” vspace=”5″>
Juliana and Maxi from “Big Brother 2022” gave their consent on camera to have sex in the bathroom.

Thiago quickly sent “Cata” to the front, something that unleashed Maxi’s anger, since the request for consent was public and the contestants could deduce what their companions were doing in the bathroom.

“I don’t want to say what I really think because I’m going to be very hurtful.”, began by saying the participant from Córdoba. And he added: “It must be very hot and cannot cook”. In this sense, in the presentation of the Orinda competitor from Catamarca, the woman explained that is in a relationship with a woman and that together they share the upbringing of a 9-year-old girl.

Agustin, Following your strategy made a forceful revelation about Maria Laura and the girlfriend of “el Cordovan”: “On top of that, she is horny with Juliana”. Although Maxi denied it, alexis“Rabbit”, already in the presence of the 31-year-old sister -and in relation to “Cata”- assured: “He said that the one he liked and would have sex with is you”.

Agustín and Alexis, 'Rabbit', in the middle of a conversation with Maxi about María Laura, 'Tasting' of ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′. ” data-height=”419″ data-size=”w:2000,h:1125″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.cronica.com.ar/export/ sites/cronica/img/2022/11/15/agustin_y_conejo_gran_hermano_2022.jpeg_366287663.jpeg” title=”Agustín and Alexis, ‘Rabbit’, in full conversation with Maxi about María Laura, ‘Tasting’ of ‘Big Brother 2022’. “vspace=”5″>
Agustín and Alexis, “Rabbit”, in full conversation with Maxi about María Laura, “Cata” from “Big Brother 2022”.

Alone, Maxi told Juliana: “This son of a bitch is going to pay me hard”. However, Juliana replied: “I don’t think he really likes me”. Faced with this, the young man from Córdoba asserted: “My love, he did say that. The other day I was about to tell himwhen he came to say that `men and women…´- a comment from “Cata” about the fact of sharing rooms-, `if you should sleep in our room, if that’s why’. If you are more in danger than us”.

“No love, don’t say those things”Juliana cut him short. To which, Maxi responded firmly with her position: “And if it’s the truth. If that goes in taste, it is not gender. Did you know? She must be hotter than a kettle”.

Maxi and Juliana from ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′ talking about the sexuality of Maria Laura, ‘Cata’. ” data-height=”418″ data-size=”w:2000,h:1124″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.cronica.com.ar/export/ sites/cronica/img/2022/11/15/juliana_maxi_granhermano_2022.jpeg_367211184.jpeg” title=”Maxi and Juliana from ‘Big Brother 2022’ talking about the sexuality of Maria Laura, ‘Cata’. “vspace=”5″>
Maxi and Juliana from “Big Brother 2022” talking about Maria Laura’s sexuality, “Cata”.

Faced with this reprehensible phrase, the followers of “Big Brother 2022” They expressed their annoyance through social networks. “Maxi said that the girls are in danger for sharing the room with Cata. Was it exclusive to GH’s casting to be homophobic?, began by saying a user on Twitter. And he added: A luxury in the boys’ bedroom: Nacho waits for Juli to get drunk, Thiago touches Aguistín while he is asleep and Alfa is a dirty old man.

Also, another person said: It is extremely worrying that Maxi says that the girls are in danger because a lesbian sleeps with them, could he be more of a son of a bitch?. In this sense, as happened with Juan, for which a campaign was carried out on social networks for him to be eliminated, the public is already asking for votes so that “El Cordobés” is the next to leave the house. “Maxi to 9009”, pointed out a user.

On social networks they repudiated Juan’s “homophobic” phrase with respect to Maria Laura, “Cata”, from “Big Brother 2022”.

The networks exploded due to Juan's comment on 'Big Brother 2022'.

The networks exploded due to Juan’s comment on “Big Brother 2022”

The followers of 'Big Brother 2022' ask for the elimination of Juan for his statements against Maria Laura, 'Cata'.

The followers of “Big Brother 2022” ask for the elimination of Juan for his statements against Maria Laura, “Cata”.

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