"Big Brother 2022": the entry of former participants to the house is confirmed

Tonight the last eliminated before the grand final will be known, the same week in which he entered santiago del moro to Big Brother. Angel De Brito anticipated who is leaving, staying in fourth position of reality and last night confirmed more income.

After a very busy week with the arrival of relatives and the MasterChef experience, They confirmed that the former little brothers will enter this week and everything seems to indicate that they will all be.

Although it was only a rumor a few days ago, the driver of LAM, brito angel, gave the scoop. Through her Instagram account, in a round trip with her followers, they asked her if the exes were going to enter Big Brother and the journalist answered with a single word: “Come in!”, confirming the suspicions.

It was confirmed by Ángel De Brito

In this way, this Monday, after the last elimination of Sunday is known, former GH participants will enter to visit the 3 finalists.

The girls, ex Big BrothervThey come with many changes of looks In the last few weeks and with the confirmation of the return to the house, everything makes more sense.

Every entry into the house causes a sensation in the participants, good and bad. As it happened with the repechage, the income of Ariel and Camila or even the relatives, as it happened with Juliet and her boyfriend who left her uneasy.

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