"Big Brother 2022": the decision that the production made to avoid future lawsuits by the participants for damages

“Big Brother 2022” It generates controversy both inside and outside the house. as the fights, harassment and hatred on social networks are the order of the day, Many already think about what can happen in the future. After Martín “Pepa”, a former participant, said that they would have to “take care” of those who are in the current seasonand that rumors appear that Tomás Holder and Juan would take action against the production, Telefe is taking action on the matter.

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While tonight is a nomination in “Big Brother”, and on Sunday the fifth participant would be eliminated, just in case, there are substitutes who hope to enter the repechage. First on the list the winner (2007) Marcelo Corazzabut it will be at the end of the year.

Apparently, the production company Kuarzo and Telefe (Paramount) are really concerned about what happens inside the house and with the participants when they leave, since, due to exposure, they can suffer a lot of hatred and criticism from fans.

As reported by La Pavada from Diario Crónica, before that, those who are leaving -Holder, Martina, Mora and Juan- the first day of contact with the networks and theActually they are accompanied by a group of psychologists, who give them tools to deal with the “haters”, the negative comments of his ex-colleagues, and the change that fame generates.

This edition takes care of the mental health of the contestants, because there have already been many problems, including lawsuits, against the producer.

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