Big Brother 2022 final prize value revealed: “What they managed to raise…”

About three months later, Big Brother 2022 came to an end last Saturday, December 31st, and consecrated the big winner among the four finalists who reached the final stage of the game.

After Miro Vemba came out in 4th place and Bárbara Parada won 3rd place, the final duel for victory was between Miguel Vicente and Rúben Boa Nova.

Cristina Ferreira received the first two classifieds in the studio and, at the same time as sending in the envelope containing the name of the winner, the check with the value of the prize for this edition of the reality show.

That’s what you managed to raise“, said Cristina Ferreira, while the check was received with the final amount of €37,645 which was later given to Miguel Vicente for having won with 73% of the vote.

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