"Big Brother 2022": a business campaigns against La Tora and gives away a churro for each vote to eliminate it

A churrería began an original and controversial campaign against The Torah Y offers its clients a churro for each vote against the young woman to make her the next eliminated of the most famous house. In the last few hours, the young woman starred in a strong fight with Juliana Y John released her hand. when she pointed out that she feels that she is the one who is leaving this Sunday.

“Lucila at 9009 for a churro” says the campaign caption along with a photo of The Torah. The place, in turn, motivated its clients to show themselves with the churro: “We are campaigning! Show your vote at our premises and take a churro as a gift”he maintained, although he did not want to look bad with the followers of the young woman and clarified: “Let no one be offended.”

In last night’s debate, John pointed out that the Torah “She is dedicated; I always banished her but she is arrogant… she is pitiful on camera with those cries”said the taxi driver to the surprise of the panelists of the program.

But it was not all bad news this week for the young woman, since after many weeks of tossing and turning, she finally La Tora and Nacho kissed under the bed sheets of ” Big Brother”.

Lucila had strong confrontations inside the house

The age difference between them was not a problem, although Lucila is 28 years old and Nacho is 19. And even during the beginning of the program it was suspected that they already knew each other beforesince they were the first to enter and were extremely close in the first minutes.

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